Star Wars Ccg Tournament Shadows Of The Empire

Saturday,29th February 2020

11:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Address: 333 Divisadero St. San Francisco, CA 94117
Available 11 Out of 16

Join us for a Star Wars CCG Tournament celebrating Decipher's classic customizable card game. The Star Wars CCG usually plays with two 60 card decks (one Light, one Dark), but since this event takes place on the 'extra' day of a leap year, we're allowing everyone to fill in the coveted 61st card slot in their decks. After all, the Dark Prince of Black Sun always has an ace up his sleeve.

We have easy-to-learn loaner decks for new and returning players and every participant gets a custom, original Star Wars CCG card featuring themselves as their very own hero (or villain). As the old Decipher motto goes, "If it's in your head, it's in here!"

Starting time: 11am

Entry fee: $10

Format: 4 games of Swiss rounds using constructed decks

Prizes: Store credit, rare singles, Star Wars swag, and original, custom Star Wars CCG cards