Blokus Dice Game

The Blokus Dice Game is a roll & write game based off of the Blokus board game. In it, each person fills up a board with shapes in the style of Blokus, trying to fill in as much of the board as they can.
Each person gets a board to start and then one of the 4 colored dry-erase markers. The person whose turn it is rolls a number of dice equal to the number of players in the game and then the dice are drafted clockwise around the table starting with the person whose turn it is. Everybody then draws one of the shapes associated with that die roll using the colored dry-erase marker they have. Once everybody is done, the markers rotate around the table and the turn passes to the next person. Like in Blokus, each color has to start with a piece in the corner and then spreads out touching a piece of the same color at a corner and only a corner. As the game progresses, it gets harder and harder to place pieces. Once a person cannot place a piece on their turn, that person takes their die (so the number of dice remains the number of people placing pieces) and flips their board over. Once everybody is unable to place a piece, whoever has the most spaces filled is the winner.
As a fan of Blokus, I wondered what the Blokus roll & write was going to be like when I saw it announced. It does capture some of the essence of Blokus in that you still have to try and utilize your space and corners well. Because you control your entire board though, you also want to not block off colors as that will end the game for you. While it is a more limited board with less space, it does mean that you can play a game pretty quickly and then start fresh with another round. I appreciate that you do have to think of how to use any given piece with any given color as the colors and shapes are unrelated. As the game progresses, there might be a larger piece that is only able to be placed in one color and you might have to use one of your wilds just to make sure you get that piece on the board when that color comes around for you. The Blokus Dice Game captures the essence of the game it is based on, while giving you a new take on it that is fun.
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Blokus Dice Game