"Decrypto is a great, word-based, team game to bring to any table! Together with your teammate(s), you’ll place four words in your secret display, numbered 1 through 4. Then over the course of up to eight rounds, you’ll give hints trying to help your team guess the correct order of the words. But clue-giver beware - Your opponents will also be writing down your clues and the correct numbers, doing their best to intercept the message! 
The beauty of this game is coming up with clever relationships to your key words that will (hopefully) stump your opponents, while making sure not to confuse your own teammate(s). As soon as you’ve finished the first game, you’ll definitely want to play again! Change the words, swap team configurations, or try out the brand new expansion “Laser Drive” for additional challenges. 
No matter who you play with, I am sure you’ll have a blast. Let me know your most clever clues from your last game, or your favorite moment during a close match-up! I have a couple you might enjoy. See you soon!"