review by Richie


Ready to help townsfolks develop their village? Dorfromantik is a cooperative tile-laying board game for 1-6 players. A game for all ages, Dorfromantik involves placing landscape tiles featuring fields, forests, villages, train tracks, and rivers to create a landscape for the villagers living in the area. Based on the current objectives, players will earn points by strategically placing tiles to earn points. 


Dorfromantik includes a campaign element to the game. The players may track their overall progress using a campaign log. In the campaign log, players will document their scores and based on the scores, potentially unlock new achievements for additional scoring opportunities and open one of the five boxes for more components! The campaign is a great way to add variety to the game!

Closing Remarks

Dorfromantik is an accessible, friendly, and light experience with a charming aesthetic. The strategy and changing objectives keep the gameplay engaging, providing a balance between casual enjoyment and thoughtful decision-making.The cooperative elements allow for meaningful conversation and decision-making amongst the group. 


If you enjoy tile-laying games such as Carcassonne and Isle of Skye, or relaxing and scenic games such as Tokaido, then you will enjoy Dorfromantik! Dorfromantik is also one of the winners for the 2023 Spiel des Jahres award!

Dorfromantik: The Board Game and the Great Mill Mini-Expansion is available now from our webstore.