Gobblet! is an abstract strategy game for two players. The game features strategic play with special game pieces (called gobblets) that come in four sizes, from small to large. Notably, smaller pieces fit inside each larger, similar to a Russian Matryoshka doll; this feature is key to the setup and gameplay of Gobblet!.


Setup and Gameplay

Setup of Gobblet! is very simple: 4 pieces stack onto each other, with 3 stacks total for each player. The 4x4 board is placed in an area both players can reach. After setup, the first player is decided, and the game begins.

During a player’s turn, they may select one of the three options:

-Place a gobblet from the external stack onto an empty space.

-A player may place a gobblet onto the other player’s gobblet, if that player has 3 matching pieces in a row. Placing a larger piece onto a smaller one is known as “gobbling.”

-Move a gobblet already on the board to an empty space.

-“Gobble up” a smaller gobblet with a larger one, placing the latter on top of the former.

Players take turns doing the above options until one player aligns 4 matching color gobblets in a row. That player wins the game. A draw occurs if players take 3 turns of repetitive, identical movements.



Overall, I found Gobblet! to be a simple, fast, enjoyable experience. Its rules are easy to understand and gameplay is engaging while not spending lots of time. It fits well into the greater abstract strategy genre, and its components are good quality. I highly recommend Gobblet! to players who want an easy-to-learn strategic game.


Gobblet! is available now from our webstore.