review by Richie

Title: Harmonies

Year Released: 2024

Designer: Johan Benvenuto

Artist: Maëva da Silva

Publisher: Libellud

Primary Mechanics: Open Drafting, Pattern Building, Tile Placement


Harmonies is a fun abstract tile laying game with beautiful art. The goal of Harmonies is to create various habitats for various animals by placing landscape tokens on your individual boards. Maximize your landscape catering to multiple animals or the same animal multiple times to earn the most points and win the game.



Harmonies is a whimsical 2-4 player game that starts with the landscape tiles. Landscape tiles include trees, mountains, and cities that can be built up, and water and fields that can spread out. Each landscape has different conditions to earn points and provides an abstract 3D element when building your habitat for the animals.

Each animal you reserve will have specific placement requirements to earn points based on their preferred landscape combination to earn additional points in addition to the tiles themselves.

Replayability & Playstyle

Harmonies is abstract and creative. Each player's board is unique from each other, with plenty of replayability because your boards will never be the same from the past. Not only planning outward, but also upward with your landscapes offers a challenge and a puzzle element to the game as well. 

A playstyle observation to note is that there is minimal player interaction. There is a tile drafting element that does impact other players, but otherwise the individual player boards are unique with no player interaction outside of personal conversation and viewing.

Harmonies is available now at our webstore.