Get an extra sensory experience in Medium, a social word for 2 to 8 players from Greater Than Games.


In Medium, you’ll be working with the player to your left or right to figure out the word or words that connect two other words together. The only problem is that you have to say it at the same time after counting to three without knowing what your partner will say! Get it correct and earn points, but fail to match on the first try and you’ll be given two more chances to try again for a lower amount points, but you’ll be now be trying to find the word that connects the two different words you and your partner said instead of the original words.


Medium is another social word game that fits in with games like Codenames, Just One, or Insider; Quick to pick up, cleverly designed to make you feel smart, and win or lose, you have loads of fun laughing at your mistakes with friends. And even though I already have plenty of games like this one, I still find myself bringing it back to the game table.