NMBR 9 is a tetromino stacking puzzle game for 1-4 players. In NMBR 9, players are given several large tetromino tiles, shaped like the numbers 0-9. Players use these tiles to create a "display," in an effort to stack tiles as high as possible. The higher the tile, the more points it scores at the end of the game; the player with the most points wins the game.



The pieces used to play NMBR 9 involve 80 tiles and 20 cards. At the start of the game, these cards are shuffled and placed facedown. Once setup is complete, a round begins with drawing one card; this card determines what number tile can be placed for that round. For the first round, this number tile can be placed in any orientation. From the second round onward, players may place tiles adjacent to the first, with at least one square lining up and in contact with it, or place tiles on top of the first, creating a new “level.” Once all players have placed a tile matching the card drawn, a new round begins, repeating, starting from drawing a new card. A game of NMBR 9 ends once no cards can be drawn from the deck.



Overall I find NMBR 9 to be an easy to learn and quick experience, suitable for pick-up games for family and friends during a gathering. I have found the act of lining up the tetromino pieces together with the requirement of stacking them for points quite engaging. The simultaneous play aspect feels great, as there is no downtime waiting for turns; the game is at a pace that all players can follow. 


NMBR 9 is available now on our webstore.