Nova Luna

Nova Luna is latin for New Moon and the new moon is a symbol for a new beginning, making Nova Luna the best possible game to pick up for 2021.

From Uwe Rosenburg and Corné van Moorsel, Nova Luna is a tile-drafting puzzle-strategy game. The player with the most time on the track will select a color tile from up to three spaces away from the moon marker and add it to their play area, each tile will consist of how much time it cost to collect and new tasks for the player to fulfill. Tasks require tiles of certain colors to be orthogonally adjacent or placed on a chain of the same color to the tile with the task to be completed. When a task is completed, that player covers it up with one of their player markers and the first player to use all of their markers wins.

With nice simple rules to learn, Nova Luna packs a lot of thoughtful strategy in its design. If I had to compare it to other games, I would say that Patchwork and Point Salad were caught up in a teleportation mishap to give us Nova Luna. As with most puzzle-strategy games, the luck involved is very limited and with enough careful planning, smart play will always mitigate any variance you may encounter. Completing the individual tasks presented on each tile will lead you closer to victory, but the real excitement and sense of fulfillment comes from chaining multiple task completions together from your well laid out placements.

Nova Luna is a one game that works very well at all player counts of one to four. I would highly recommend for players of all level to pick up and enjoy!

Nova Luna is available now from our webstore.

Nova Luna