Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile

review by Sab

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile is a competitive legacy roleplaying game that feels fresh and makes you ponder history. Your play style is determined by whether you play as the Chancellor, a Citizen, or an Exile, and there's high player interaction as you alter the political landscape and even the victory conditions.

The game is designed for 1 to 6 players and rated for ages 10+. Each play session is designed to be 45-150 minutes, but players can be consumed for several hours at higher player counts. With 3-4 people, you can have a good balance of <150 minute game duration, solid player interaction, and engaging decisions. You can also adapt the game between campaigns to play several solo sessions, even picking back up with a different group—it’s always great when legacy games allow that flexibility.

Oath's main mechanics are worker placement, hand management, negotiation, and territory building. However, strategy can be unique in every game, and Oath is definitely on the complex side of board games. Fortunately, like Cole Wehrle's previous game, Root, there is a helpful walkthrough that guides you through the initial stages of the game and gives everyone a sense of direction. Soon enough, you can grasp the game's mechanics and immerse yourself in the unfolding narrative. Then, as your group becomes more experienced, more negotiation and kingmaking will emerge.

In summary, Oath is versatile, with alluring world building that caters to a range of player preferences. While its complexity may require a bit of patience and dedication to master, the game's rich narrative and strategic depth are sure to offer you a rewarding experience. 

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile is available now from our webstore.

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile