Stay Cool

Game night was always one of the highlights of my week. We would go to a friend’s home, get a pizza, and spend hours playing various games until late. We’ve been keeping up the tradition of gaming together by meeting over Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Rooms. It is no replacement for the joy and wonder of getting together and playing, but I’ve found that digitally playing together has brought us a sense of unity in this unfortunate time.
There are many games that my group has found to be successful over video, here are a few that I think you will also enjoy:
Stay Cool is the top contender for best game of the year for me. For 3 or more players, Stay Cool puts one player in the hot seat while they try to verbally answer one set of questions and answer another set of questions with letter dice. The questions themselves aren’t too difficult, but when you are under the pressure of a timer and trying to answer both as quickly as possible with two different methods, you’ll be challenged to Stay Cool and get them right. 
The pressure of being in the hot seat and struggling to remember whether you were suppose to spell Five on dice or say it while laughing with your friends makes Stay Cool a game that I simply adore. And with three levels of timing difficulties, you and your group will have hours of fun with Stay Cool. 
Although only one copy is needed to play, you’ll need a set of the letter dice to play in the hot seat, which you can craft at home with some paper and tape.
Just One and Medium are two more word games that I love that can be played over video chat. I reviewed them previously and you can click on the links to get to my reviews. And with a little of improvising, you can can also play many more games like, Patchwork Doodle, Decrypto, and Skull.
Right now, staying connected is more valuable than ever and gaming has always been about making a connection with one another. Just remember to allow for leniency with mistakes and put fun first!
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Stay Cool