Have you ever wanted to escape from a locked room? Connect oddly shaped puzzles to reveal long forgotten secrets? Or even stop a diabolical plot of a mad scientist? Unlock! from Asmodee can give you that experience from the comfort of your home!

In Unlock!, you are tasked with solving a series of logical puzzles from a deck of numbered cards with the games’ free app to reach the goal within 60 minutes. The puzzles in Unlock! range from hidden objects, connecting two objects together to get a solution, entering secret codes by deducing facts from cards, and even more outside of the box thinking that require very unusual deductions. Without spoiling too much, the unusual deductions will involve unique processes such as using the game box’s barcode, flipping the cards like a flipbook, and even turning your phone upside down! Once you reach the ending, the Unlock! app will score you based on your time, hints used, and penalties.

I’ve always loved solving puzzles, whether they are part of a puzzle book, an escape room, or even board games. So naturally, when Unlock! was announced, I was truly excited for the experience. And playing the various versions of Unlock!, that feeling continues to hold true. Solving puzzles and reaching the goal within time always makes me feel like the smartest person in the world and that is a feeling that I love, especially when I compare my time and score with my friends when they make an attempt at the case.

You can find the regular Unlock! boxes here and the brand new Star Wars Unlock! here.