review by Tessa

Villagers is a building and drafting game that feels simple enough for new players but also has enough mechanics and strategy for more advanced players. Villagers plays for about 45 minutes and can play with 1-5 players. Play time will increase with every additional player, but also plays at one player which does take a bit longer due to additional one player mechanics. The single player mode is actually quite fun. Instead of the typical single player experience of playing for a high score, you play against the Countess, a neighboring village that ignores many of the penalties a player faces. 

If you have friends, playing in the normal mode is also very fun. The goal of Villagers is to build your village, and make as much money as possible in both markets. You will draft villagers in the road based on how much food you have in your village. After the draft phase you then enter the build phase where you play villagers from your hand. There are some villagers that are locked behind others, meaning you have to play certain villagers first in order to play those villagers in the build phase. Those may belong to other players, but you can also go with the strategy of having many villagers that unlock other villagers and getting paid throughout the game with that. 

The Shifting Seasons expansion to Villagers adds lots of new content to the game as well. This expansion adds small things like new villagers to larger things like entirely new events. In the base game there are two main events that happen out of single player mode. These are the first and second markets which allow players to earn money. Some of the new events include choosing new villagers from the reserve or choosing some from the stacks above the road, or sharing some of your villagers with your opponents. This expansion also adds a new way to play solo which is more laid back and doesn’t involve defeating the Countess. This expansion is a good addition that adds some new components but doesn’t completely change the game. I definitely think that this is an addition that you won't regret grabbing.

Villagers and Shifting Seasons are available now from our webstore.