Abandon All Artichokes

The artichokes have invaded your garden! These prickly produce crops are in need of a pruning and there are plenty of fresh vegetables ready to lend you a helping hand in Abandon All Artichokes from Gamewright!

Abandon All Artichokes is a deck-building game with a simple goal: get rid of your artichokes and draw a hand of cards with no artichokes. To achieve that goal, you’ll need to compost your artichokes to remove them from the game or trade off them to your opponents and put them further away from victory. And how you go about getting there is quick and easy.

To start, each player will take ten artichoke cards to form their deck and draw five to form their hand. The rest of the non-artichoke cards will be shuffled up to form the Garden Stack and the top five cards are dealt out to form a Garden Row to be drafted openly.

A player’s turn is taken in five steps; Replenish, Harvest, Play, Discard, and Draw.

  1. Replenish: Cards from the Garden Stack will be drawn and added to the Garden Row until there are five cards there.
  2. Harvest: Take any one card from the Garden Row and add it into your hand.
  3. Play: Any number of non-artichoke cards may be played in any order. When a card is played, it must be resolved completely and then placed into your discard pile before playing another card. Any cards that are composted will be placed face-up into the Compost Pile next to the Garden Stack.
  4. Discard: All unplayed cards left in your hand are discarded face-up into your discard pile.
  5. Draw: Draw 5 cards from your deck to form your new hand for the next turn. If you run out of cards from your deck, shuffle your discard pile back to reform your deck and finish drawing. After drawing, if you have a hand with no artichokes, you win!

Quick, strategic, and fun. Those are the three words that I would slim Abandon All Artichokes down to. After I learned this game at a recent game night, I was able to teach it quickly to non-gamers and had a blast with each game. The variety of different types of cards has enough going on for players to need to think about their play order carefully, but each action is simple and clear enough in how it interacts with the cards and other players making gameplay smooth and easy. To wrap up my review, Abandon All Artichokes is a charming game that can act as your filler game for your next game night or one to bring the family to the game table.

Abandon All Artichokes is available now from our webstore.

Abandon All Artichokes