review by Tessa

Doomlings is a fantastic, simple game for large parties or a small game night. Doomlings has a 30 minute play time which can be adjusted based on how many catastrophes you play through, and plays with up to 6 players. The point of Doomlings is to have the most points by playing traits before the end of the world. Traits can have actions, effects or nothing at all other than points. Use these different traits for satisfying combinations which may allow you to play or steal more cards than in a normal turn. 

This game is a personal favorite of mine because of how random and chaotic it can be. It allows you to just have fun instead of worrying about complex strategies. While the strategies aren’t complex, they are still there either by knowing what cards to play and when, how much you attack others or how much you hide your wealth of points.

Any way you’d like to play, Doomlings will entertain your group!

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