Lawyer Up

review by Rene

For Lawyer Up, I’d say the most difficult part was doing the setup for the first time. The cards are packaged in an organized fashion, but they are not packaged separately, so cards of different cases share the same plastic holder. There’s also a lot of information to process on the cards themselves, which takes time to accustom oneself to and can make your initial games very gritty and difficult to get going.

But once you know what you’re doing, Lawyer Up offers quite a lot to experience. The game is very strategic and wracks your brain to think, “What is the most efficient way to play this turn?” in a competitive back-and-forth with your opponent. Additionally, the art on the cards is very thematic, as are the cards’ names and flavor texts, giving an incredible emergent narrative to the mock trial. Even pregame decisions, such as choosing a “strategy”, impacts the narrative of the play experience by having different key witnesses present. This makes every time you play a new story with different outcomes based on what cards were played.

Another really cool thing about this game is that each case offers different narrative and gameplay differences, with different cards, witnesses, and mechanics present.

Additionally, the game offers a single-player mode in case you want to experience this on your own!

I’d recommend this game to competitive card game players who are looking for a friendly, but involved, complex, and flavored play experience.

Lawyer Up Season 1 and Season 2 are available now at our webstore.

Lawyer Up