"I got to play this card game with the creator, Isaac from Northern California and was immediately impressed by the quality of the game. The unique part about this game is that nobody wins or loses, the game is played to be enjoyed by all with no points system. The primary tool you'll need to play is your imagination. The main game, "Hi-Q" is an open-ended poetry game in which each player has 5 cards where then they place one card at a time attempting to create a story, poem, or depiction related to the placed cards. No points are awarded after the turn, the turn ends when the player is finished with their story, poem, or depiction and the next player starts their turn and so forth until the deck is fully drawn.

The card deck consists of 84 unique cards that are themed around natural phenomenons and are wonderfully illustrated making it a visually captivating game. I recommend this game for players who are looking for a non-competitive game and want to explore their imagination and the imagination of their friends." 


Will be arriving at the store soon.