Playing Cards

Cards are an essential part of life, at least for me. Playing a game of solitaire while watching TV or poker with a group of friends are both such simple but enjoyable experiences. It can be difficult to know where to start with so many options. It all depends on what you are looking for. Just some cheap cards that are durable enough to get dirty or really pretty cards that have intricate face cards. At Gamescape we have a little bit of everything. 

If you are looking for a cheaper deck of cards, something along the lines of Bicycle or Maverick cards are going to be a standard. Bicycle cards have a softer, more flexible feel and are very easy to shuffle. Maverick on the other hand are a bit stiffer, but that makes them more durable, helping them last a bit longer. If you want something that can survive camping or playing with the clumsy friends that knock over drinks, you should go for the Hoyle Plastic Cards. These are plastic so they are water resistant, easy to clean but also very slippery. They are difficult to shuffle and handle because of the plastic material. Of all of these, my favorite is the Bicycle Standard playing cards, as they have the best feel in my opinion. 

If you want high quality cards that look cool, you should buy Theory11 decks of cards. They have many different designs that are simple yet elegant. They also have some decks specific to other brands like their Star Wars Light and Dark Side decks. Some of their designs include a black and gold Artisan design, a purple Monarchs deck and a vibrant orange Provision deck. These shuffle very well, have well designed face cards that all feel unique but simple and are easy to read. These are decks that aren’t the best suited to take in your bag as they aren’t extremely durable.

If you do want to take your cards on the go you should check out Air Decks. These are half sized decks of cards, perfect to fit in your back pocket or purse. They come in about twelve different designs which are all different and simple. These are also good for travel because they are quite durable with a good plastic coating. Due to their size they are difficult to handle. Shuffling itself is not too difficult but doing a bridge requires a lot of focus. Some other fun decks to take while traveling are the learning language Lingo decks. These are functioning playing cards with very simple phrases in Spanish, French, Mandarin or Japanese that are helpful when traveling. These are also nice quality cards with simple designs to not take away from the different phrases. 

With so many decks to choose from, making a decision is difficult. Out of all this, my favorite was the Deck of Robots by Stellar Factory. To me it was the sweet spot of inexpensive, high quality with a design that I really enjoyed. So come on, let’s deal some cards!

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Playing Cards