Dragon Shield Matte and Perfect Fit Sleeves

With an eye to the future and as people are able to form bigger pods of play at home, card accessories are becoming more relevant again as we seek to sling cardboard. As an avid tournament player I've used quite a few sleeves in my day and personality, I am a huge fan of the Matte sleeves from Dragon Shield for three reasons, shuffle feel, durability, and color range.

With nearly three dozen options in the main Matte range before counting non-glare and art sleeves, the available choices for sleeve color Dragon Shield has available is nothing short of incredible. Be it personal taste you may have or a thematic color choice appropriate for the deck you're sleeving, you can get quite specific about how your deck looks on the table.

Durability is a key consideration for the tournament player, damage can mark a card and lead to a game loss. Through my experience of using other sleeves I found that Dragon shields do not need to be replaced as often and I have had less splitting incidents with them than other premium sleeves. 

Shuffle feel is the most abstract and most personal feature of sleeve selection, I find I really enjoy the crispness of Dragon Shields.


Double sleeving using an inner sleeve such as the Dragon Shield Perfect Fit offers some additional protection for your cards and makes your decks thicker which will also affect the feel of the mash in shuffling.

Let's say for instance you were playing your favorite cyberpunk card game and you have two different card backs in your deck, not all sleeves are perfectly opaque but by using the Perfect Fit Smoke sleeves I can enjoy the full color range for my Netrunner decks.


I can't say I know when you'll next find me flipping cardboard across the table, but I'm pretty sure I'll be using Dragon Shields.


Dragon Shield Sleeves are available now at our webstore.

Dragon Shield Matte and Perfect Fit Sleeves