Perplexus is a fascinating game of dexterity and tenacity. Within a clear acrylic sphere lies a ball bearing and labyrinth with a simple goal, conquer all of the challenges and reach the end of the route. 
The Perplexus Beast (also previously packaged as the Perplexus Original), offers 100 obstacles to travel through before reaching the end goal, while the Perplexus Epic offers 125. In either case it's a tactile satisfaction, keeping the ball on the path, and the sound of the metal rolling over the plastic structure, punctuated by brief silence as the ball drops and an entirely different sound of the ball bouncing and then rolling on the inside of the acrylic orb. Sometimes you lose your handle of one of the obstacles and find yourself becoming vexed by something you did smoothly the first time.
I have enjoyed my time with the Perplexus, and I imagine you or a young relative of yours would enjoy it too.
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