Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seraphon Aggradon Lancers

review by Sergio Almonte

Snarling. Growling. The drumbeat creates a tempo for savage ingress, a charge that sees the enemies of the great plan rent limb from limb, screaming all the while. Gnashing. Clawing. A monolith of cold-blooded muscle pulls his mount into a sprint, talons crushing bodies underfoot. Howling. Screaming. 

The Seraphon ride to war…


Greetings! Starmaster Sergio returns to turn my scrying eye upon the Aggradon Lancers kit for the Seraphon, analyzing their models, painting techniques to quickly establish the physique of your scaly riders, as well as an overview of their rules to best use them on the tabletop. Onwards, to victory!

The Kit


  • 3x Aggradon Riders
  • 3x 75mm x 42mm bases
  • Instructions Pamphlet

Lizards riding velocirap-ahem Aggradons! What’s not to love?

In terms of size, the Aggradon Lancers are split across a respectable three sprues, with a relatively simple build for the Aggradon and the Saurus riders themselves. Options for posing and weapons are varied, with three distinct head and tail poses that can be paired with two possible poses for each Saurus, alongside a choice of spear or club as a weapon. The kit took about two hours to assemble, moving at a decent speed to ensure each piece was free of sprue nubs or mold lines. I would recommend this kit to a beginner or intermediate level hobbyist, as the large limbs and horizontally inclined poses make for an enjoyable building experience. 



As an intermediate level painter, this kit is a joy to paint, with a variety of textures and spaces for colors that instinctively draw the eye. To contrast the cool blacks, bright greens and electric blues of my Saurus, I basecoated my Aggradons in burgundy and built them up to a plum-red, with their bellies getting a sandy brown color to contrast their brighter spines and black claws. The feathers interspersed throughout the model are excellent for adding dashes of eye-catching pigment, with blues, reds and greens working especially well in my case. The Saurian riders were given an ancient, brassy gold for their weapons and decorations, the various necklaces and bangles working to offset the strong primary colors that adhere so well to the Aggradon’s scaly hides. Overall, these models are incredible projects for any enterprising painter, and easily come apart into subassemblies for the Saurus and Aggradon both. 



Aggradons hit hard and fast, with a speedy but not blistering movement speed of 8” and a rock-solid 5 wounds and 4+ save. This is sturdier than most cavalry available to other factions, especially when considering the -1 damage when playing coalesced Seraphon, though they will struggle against superheavy options like Varanguard or Draconith cavalry. However, one does not bring Aggradon Lancers for durability alone. Where other cavalry, riding mere equines with their fallible hooves and fur, strike hard and peel away to survive, Lancers thrive in moments where they can get stuck into the enemy frontline, gaining a buff that increases the number of attacks the mount gets when they stay in combat for more than a turn. This makes them excellent as infantry buckling units, as you are encouraged to stay in combat and progressively force your opponent to dedicate more and more resources to your destruction. This playstyle is uncomplicated but very fun and effective, tactics befitting any coldblooded general worth their salt. 



If you want to see lizards riding dinosaurs, grab a box of Lancers.

If you desire a superb painting project, filled with intricate details and an easy assembly, grab a box of Lancers. 

If you wish to crush your enemies underclaw, trampling mobs of infantry under the strength of your charge, grab a box of Lancers. 

If you wish to start a Seraphon collection, or expand an existing force, you cannot do better than a box of these primordial predators!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seraphon Aggradon Lancers are available now from our webstore.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seraphon Aggradon Lancers