X-Wing is an easy to pick up and difficult to master game of positioning from Fantasy Flight Games. In X-Wing each player assembles a squadron of fighters from the Star Wars universe and pits them against their opponent in a thrilling battle to the death. Unlike other miniatures games the pre-painted ships mean you're ready to go from box to table in mere minutes. 

In a game that has been reported in Icelandic newspapers as playing chess and poker at the same time the only hidden information you have is your dial, a selector for each ship that determines how it'll move. With seven different factions to choose from and pilots from the notable to the obscure you can put what you love most from Star Wars on the table.

Be it kitchen table play, a weekly casual meetup, or serious tournaments that culminate in the World Championship, there is a level of play for each play that is right for you. Scramble your fighters. Who Dares, Wins.