Eat the Reich

review by K

The year is 1943. You’re a group of vampire commandos on your final mission: to drain Adolf Hitler of all his blood.

A cathartic, blood-spilling adventure about killing fascists is what lies within Eat the Reich. This role-playing game contains pre-made characters, where all of the players are vampires. The game uses the Havoc Engine, a simple D6 system that has a focus on action, challenges, and player creativity. Written by Grant Howitt, the writer behind Honey Heist, Orc Borg, Heart: The City Beneath, Spire: The City Must Fall, and many other one-page RPGs. Eat the Reich is meant to be played as a one-shot, with one player as the game master and 3-6 players.

Eat the Reich is unapologetic in its stance that Nazis are inherently evil, and should be treated as such. Reading through this RPG, I am amazed and curious about playing this game with a group of radical player-vampires. The mechanics are simple enough to pick up on, and the content is extremely attractive to a player, and GM, like myself.

Eat the Reich is available now from our webstore.

Eat the Reich