The Burning Wheel RPG

The Burning Wheel is a robust Fantasy Roleplaying System, driven by d6 dice pools and advancement based on the meaningful actions you take in game. 
The system is organized into three levels of detail, from the Hub to the Spokes to the Rim standing with the most basic and important concepts and working their way out towards the meatier more minutiae driven stuff. The boom puts character generation between the Spokes and the Rim and has one of my favorite Character generation systems I've seen in any RPG. 
In the Character Burner you will assemble your characters past through a number of lifepaths, where they were born, how they grew up, how they may have left an old life behind for a new one, for good or for ill. Each lifepath will add a number of years to a character's life, give them access and points to buy skills and traits, and increase the resources they have available to them. Each of the different races (Humans, Orcs, Elves and Dwarves in the main book, Wizards, Dark Elves, Roden, Trolls, and Great Wolves in the Codex) will have different available backgrounds and unique mechanics, from the faith and magic of humans, to the hatred of the Orcs, the grief of the Elves, and the greed of the Dwarves.
After all the character generation the Rim of the Wheel has more advanced systems for fright, to fight, magics, arguments, and so on. The system encourages you to use the basic rules first and add these additional systems as you become more comfortable with it. The Burning Wheel Codex offers more commentary and guidance for running the system, as well as additional types of magic and more lifepaths for creating different sorts of characters. The Burning Wheel is a fantastic system that can absolutely earn itself a place on your shelf of RPG books.
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The Burning Wheel RPG