VOID 1680 AM

review by K

In this solo role-playing game, you take on the role of a radio show host. The game simply requires a few items outside of the rules itself: a deck of cards, a six-sided dice, a playlist builder, and a voice recorder if you desire.


Each round of play includes selecting songs for your station to play based on card pulls, and taking callers on the show. These callers will ask a variety of questions, relating to heartbreak, new love, money, and family issues.


Altogether, the game takes around 2 hours to play. The voice recorder option allows you to playback your game and continue the same game at a later date. If you do not wish to voice record/talk during your playthrough, I recommend treating it as a solo-journaling game, where you write down the songs you choose, the questions from the callers, and your answers to those questions.


VOID 1680 AM is available now from our webstore.


VOID 1680 AM